The Madiera Portal

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The MADIERA Project

The main result that has come out of the Madiera project is the Madiera portal. The portal provides access to an unprecedented quantity of social sciences quantitative datasets using an easy to use Web interface. It harvests statistical datasets and variables published on the Semantic Web from all the largest European social sciences data archives, organizes them using a set of multilingual thesauri and taxonomies and makes them available through a responsive and highly customizable Web interface

The Madiera project (Multilingual Access to Data Infrastructures of the European Research Area) is funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework programme. The date of completion is 28th of February 2006.

The overall goal of the MADIERA project is to develop an effective infrastructure for the European social science community by integrating data with other tools, resources and products of the research process.

The Madiera project has provided a common integrated interface to the resources of the majority of the existing 20+ social science data archives in Europe. The infrastructure will, as the Web itself, have the capacity to grow and diversify even after the initial construction period. Indeed, one of the main objectives of the project is to create a sustainable system, nurtured by the collective energy of the data and knowledge producing communities of the European Research Area.


  • User Guide to the Madiera portal (20.06.2006)
  • Madiera leaflet - data producer version - english (28.02.2005)
  • Madiera leaflet - end user version - finnish (28.02.2005)
  • Madiera leaflet - end user version - english (12.12.2005)
  • The first official version of the Madiera portal (12.10.2005)
  • There was arranged a workshop at the University of Essex 27-28 June 2005. Participants from inside CESSDA and outside the academic community attended. Presentations from the workshop can be found here. (01.08.2005)